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Aftonbladet is Sweden’s primary news destination, where everything starts and ends with journalism. Our vision is to make Sweden a little better, the world a little more understandable and life a little easier. Aftonbladet is the news media with the greatest reach in a secure publicistic environment and offers new and creative ad formats close to journalism. With our newly started verticals and ad formats, we also strengthen advertisers’ interest in being in the right, secure context.

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“We want Aftonbladet to be for everyone. It is incredible and somewhat unique. Aftonbladet’s mix of news, entertainment, sports, and features ensures that anyone can find something that touches and is relevant. Aftonbladet stands for independent journalism. That is also a significant matter.

As the primary news source for the Swedish people, we have a responsibility to develop journalism for readers, listeners, and viewers, while also providing everyone with a unique experience in a shared context. In this world, advertisers play an important role, both as conveyors of messages and in contributing to independent journalism and a strong democracy.”


Lotta Folcker,  Publisher at Aftonbladet

The following ad formats are available on Aftonbladet