About us

We are Schibsted Marketing Services; the experts and advisors behind the advertising in some of the country’s most influential media. Through our platforms, you reach 8 out of 10 Swedes every week.

We like to talk about premium context – because that concept sums up our unique advertising environment. From the country’s most agenda-setting publishers to Sweden’s largest marketplace.

We help you reach your target group, in the right context and in the right mode. But before that, we would like to know what kind of exposure you’re after, in what context and what goal you have with advertising? Let our media experts guide you to successful communication.

You can also customise your advertising on your own via our self-service tool Admarket.

Schibsted Brand Studio is our creative department that works with branded content, native advertising, video and podcasts. Let editors, creative specialists and content makers help you be a thoughtleader.

Effective communication requires the right packaging and the right type of measurement. Our colleagues at Insight are the professionals who will visualise the effects of your advertising as well as help you make evidence-based decisions.

We know that accurate advertising requires a variety of experts. Therefore, you can feel confident that your campaign is going live with the help of the industry’s best Ad Operation, Programmatic Specialists and Data Experts.

Contact us today if you want to know more about how to reach your target group.