Do you want to effectively reach both current and future customers with your message?

Then you should invest in native advertising – sponsored articles published in the editorial feed. Native is a powerful tool to inspire, guide and inform, while also allowing you to engage with users for an extended period. As a customer, you own the content and have the opportunity to use it in your own channels.

Schibsted offers a variety of tailored formats for native advertising, always adapting them to your specific needs. See below to discover the different formats and how they can help you reach your audience efficiently and engagingly.

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Native Premium

Maximize your message

Our completely tailored outlets, where text, image, video, and design are customized for each campaign. Your content team at Brand Studio is ready to go on location, conduct interviews, take new photos, and create videos – together, we set the plan for your specific campaign.

Through high placements on the platforms, we generate powerful distribution for your native content.

See the example with Clas Ohlson

See the example with Telenor

Native Classic

Clear and targeted communication

With Native Classic, you as an advertiser gain access to article templates that mimic the site where the campaign is published, with clear ad labeling featuring you as the sender. Many clients use Classic to communicate straightforward messages, share news, and shape opinions.

Here, there are opportunities to add targeting, such as geo or target audience. Can also be reprised as a full-page in print.

See the example with Seafood From Norway

See the example with SEB

Native Video

Do you have a compelling story to tell?

Create engagement and evoke emotions through native video formats. Brand Studio’s experienced video producers assist you every step of the way — from idea and production to distribution and follow-up. Powerful exposure on Aftonbladet and SvD.

  • Perfect for evoking emotions, explaining, inspiring, and informing
  • Through tailored video solutions on our platforms, we create both relevance and impact

Various ways to leverage Native Video — let’s develop material that suits your message best

  • You can opt for simpler alternatives with informative graphics and images from the image bank or your own material. We can also produce content focusing on desired products, perfect for tips, DIYs, or step-by-step instructions.
    See the example with Valio
  • Native video can enhance your message in text or stand alone. Examples include interviews with experts, stories from your company about products, or real-case scenarios.
    See the example with Renault

Native Podcast

Schibsted has several podcasts in different categories where, as an advertiser, you can reach a large audience through engaging formats.

Quick ads or full podcast episodes — Brand Studio creates both. Thanks to Schibsted’s longstanding investment in audio, we can quickly generate high listenership for your podcast. Through editorial podcasts, we provide tailored distribution to your desired audience.

Different options with Native Podcast

  • With Native Podcast, you can convey your tailored content and distribute it through Schibsted’s channels. Highlight your company’s expertise with this opportunity to deliver a longer message in approximately 15-30 minutes.
    Listen to the example with Telenor
  • Content Sponsorship is a longer advertising format tailored to the podcast’s tone and produced by Brand Studio. The product can be placed based on the desired target audience in selected podcasts within Aftonbladet’s and Svenska Dagbladet’s podcast library. Listen to an example from Mindler below.