TV (Godare)

Reach a dedicated target group through Sweden’s only TV channel dedicated to food

Godare is Sweden’s only TV channel dedicated to food and is broadcast on linear TV. Godare was launched in April 2020 as part of Schibsted’s offering and has just over 150,000 viewers per day. The channel transmits a combination of international food programmes from all over the world, as well as new Swedish food programmes. Here, you can reach more than just foodies – everything from home-lovers to DIY enthusiasts, and many more.

  • Currently, Godare can be viewed via the following operators: Viasat, Telenor, Comhem, Ownit, Boxer, Canal Digital, Aftonbladet (selected programmes)
  • 1.7 million viewers between the ages of 3-99 have seen Godare since the launch in April 2020, which corresponds to approximately 16 per cent of the Swedish population
  • Viewer numbers linear: Approx. 180,000 per day More than 500,000 per week
  • Unique integrations with Aftonbladet Mat & Dryck to achieve maximum reach.
  • At Godare, advertisers can be displayed in several different ad formats – read more about them below.

TV commercials (spots)

Classic TV commercial where the advertiser is responsible for the content. Is your film 10 seconds or 2 minutes? At Godare, you can use your digital film. There is great flexibility in terms of the length of the clip.

  • Target audience: A25-59
  • RBS (Run by station)
  • Film length from 10 seconds
  • No gambling or alcohol advertising
  • MMS survey
  • Delivery of the material is by email to no later than two working days before the campaign starts

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Billboards (sponsorship)

Sponsorship with a billboard that is visible both before and after the programme. A billboard must be informative and contain the company name and  or logo. At Godare, you can buy billboards that are directly linked to a specific programme, or after a budget and campaign period, without a link to a specific programme or theme.

  • Target audience: A25-59
  • RBS (Run by station) or specific for AFP production
  • Production: Advertiser or Godare if requested
  • No gambling or alcohol advertising
  • May not contain pay-offers or prices

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AFP (Content Solutions)

Through AFP (Advertising Funded Programmes), we produce inspiring series for advertisers and distribute them on Godare. In some cases also in combination with Aftonbladet Mat & Dryck.  In these AFP productions, we can offer product placement (advertiser products with logo) in images both linearly and digitally, provided that it is in a relevant context. There’s also the option to add Shoppable TV, a new seamless shopping experience that gives viewers the opportunity to buy the ingredients from their favourite shows.

  • Target audience: A25-59
  • Billboard exclusivity
  • Opportunities for product placement after consultation with Godare
  • Production: Godare
  • No gambling or alcohol advertising
  • May not contain pay-offers or prices

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