Schibsted and Adform are expanding their collaboration

Jewgeni Sadowski, Head of Ad Data Portfolio Schibsted, Ellinor Axell, Country Manager Adform, Gustaf Möllefors, Head of Programmatic Schibsted, Carl Hamnede, Publisher Account Director Adform

Reach and frequency control have been limited since the discussion of the “cookie demise” began, significantly affecting the efficiency of media investments. Starting today, media buyers at Schibsted gain access to high-quality data audiences directly in Adform’s buying platform, thanks to their management of first-party IDs in all web browsers.

Solutions based on publishers’ first-party IDs are a crucial component of the future of digital advertising. These IDs enable frequency and audience control within a publisher’s own ecosystem, potentially replacing third-party cookies if the publisher has the necessary reach to help advertisers target their desired audiences.

Advertisers also benefit from the fact that publishers’ first-party data is more transparent and accurate than data based on third-party cookies.

– At Schibsted, we have long been committed to investing in our own first-party data and emphasizing the importance of working with audiences and controls that come directly from the publisher. With the impending cookie demise, we can now offer our advertisers a wide range of solutions to reach their desired audience without relying on third-party cookies, both through direct purchases and programmatically, says Jewgeni Sadowski, Head of Ad Data Portfolio at Schibsted.

Creating Profitable Campaigns in the Future
In the future, it will be crucial to build audience targeting methods that do not rely on third-party cookies. With Schibsted and Adform’s new solution, media buyers will be able to select their desired audiences independently, without depending on third-party cookies or partner contacts.

The marketplace will be available directly in Adform’s programmatic buying platform, where Schibsted’s pre-packaged demographic and interest-based audiences are available for selection.

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Gustaf Möllefors, Head of Programmatic,
Jewgeni Sadowski, Head of Ad Data Portfolio,