Ian Vännman and the Future of AI

At NextM Exponentially Yours on April 25 at Annexet in Stockholm, Ian Vännman, Senior Strategy Advisor at Schibsted, spoke about a world where AI shapes the future. His keynote presentation “Entering a New Paradigm” shed light on the role of AI in today’s and tomorrow’s society.

Ian discussed how AI is already affecting everything from personal to professional spheres and how it continues to be a driving force for innovation across various industries. His presentation explored the potential of AI to revolutionize how we work, live, and think about technology.

The Importance of AI for Future Strategies

In his speech, Ian emphasized the importance of understanding and integrating AI into both business strategies and everyday life to keep pace with the rapid development of technology. He stressed the need to embrace new technologies in an ethical and sustainable manner that promotes long-term growth and development.

Watch the video for Ian’s full presentation!