Curious target group in a new context – Schibsted opens for native at Blocket

Customised advertising solutions such as Native Advertising have been delivering good results to Schibsted’s advertisers for many years, but have so far usually appeared on the sites of the major media houses. Schibsted is now taking the next step by offering native solutions at Blocket. The launch opens up a curious target group in a completely new context.

– “We’re delighted that we can now offer this much-anticipated format to our customers. Blocket has a popular context and dedicated users. Our ambition is to make Blocket even more inspiring for our users, and it’s great to see the excellent results with long reading times that our test customers have experienced,” says Ingrid Salomonsson, Sales Manager for Display & Integrations at Blocket.

Currently, the Elon white goods chain has a major native campaign on Blocket – a campaign in which Blocket, Schibsted Marketing Services, Elon and their media agency, Mindshare, together optimise, evaluate and create valuable insights into content on the platform. Even though the campaign is still ongoing at the time of writing, Elon is very pleased with the result and effect.

– Elon is a brand that constantly wants to be at the forefront of relevant communication with both existing and prospective customers. Here, Blocket offers a unique context, with users in the right mode to encounter inspiring, product-related tips and guidance from Elon. “Our first native campaign on Blocket has definitely given us an appetite for more,” says Christian Dahlborg, Marketing Manager at Elon.

Josefine Vännman, Director Tailor Made Solutions, has been working with customised ad solutions for Schibsted’s advertisers for many years, and is pleased to be able to add Blocket to an already strong portfolio of native products.

– “With Blocket’s unique context and forward-looking target group, we will be able to reach our advertisers’ potential customers in new, engaging ways,” says Josefine Vännman.