Build awareness

A strong brand gives you higher impact from all other advertising

The aim of building or increasing awareness is to strengthen the brand’s presence and position in the market in relation to a broad target group. This can be done for your brand as a whole, or for a specific product that you sell.
At Schibsted, you can reach 8 out of 10 Swedes – every week. Our strong reach is based on the shared traffic controlled by our companies, a figure that stands strong nationally, locally and regionally. This gives unlimited opportunities to build awareness, whether you want to use variable material, be seen on a specific brand, or use the combined power of our brands with a presence across multiple brands.

Below, we have listed some of Schibsted’s products and formats that are particularly suitable for building awareness.

Get guaranteed reach – fast

Sometimes you need to reach many people quickly. This could be a launch, re-branding or another occasion where you need to get your message out to many people within a short time. At Schibsted, you can quickly enjoy a strong and guaranteed reach, whether you want to be seen with a display or online video.

Sweden 24


Full effect with impact format

Schibsted’s impact format offers premium placements on some of Sweden’s most visited sites. As an advertiser, you have plenty of creative scope and the opportunity to work with high-resolution data for a good advertising experience and excellent results.


Reaching an engaged audience through linear TV

Advertising on TV gives you, as an advertiser, an extended reach and proven effect, with the ad even triggering several of the viewer’s senses. On Schibsted’s own TV channel, Godare, you can reach an engaged target group and combine your TV campaign with digital solutions on Aftonbladet.

TV (Godare)

Tell your story through vivid images

Video has a unique ability to influence and engage. With Schibsted’s video advertisers, you can reach a broad target group – in a secure and qualitative news context.

Online Video

Effective advertising in print

Print is one of Sweden’s strongest reach media. When people read newspapers and magazines, they are in a relaxed mode – and are therefore particularly receptive to content.


Reach a broad target group across the entire Schibsted ecosystem

With Schibsted’s RON/Cross products, you will be visible as an advertiser across the entire Schibsted ecosystem. A combination of high reach, strong brands and smart management enables you to reach the right target group, with the right message at the right time – regardless of which of Schibsted’s sites they are on.