Schibsted launches a contextual ad product – matching the advertiser’s message with editorial content

Schibsted has long worked with machine learning and contextual analysis within several areas of its media platform. Now they are taking the next step and launching the contextual advertising product Keyword Matching, which has been developed through proprietary technology. “This is a unique opportunity for our advertisers to leverage Schibsted’s editorial context to become even more relevant for their target group,” says Joakim Flodin, CEO of Schibsted Marketing Services.

The product itself is very simple. The advertiser selects keywords and phrases that are relevant for the product to be marketed. The keywords are then matched against articles in Aftonbladet, Svenska Dagbladet and Omni, and the ad is placed in accordance with these articles.

With Keyword Matching, the advertiser reaches their target group in the right way, where the reader is already interested in certain content when they are exposed to an ad within the same topic. “This enables the advertiser to be creative and link their brand to a specific editorial theme, concerning everything from skiing to presidential elections,” says Pontus Larsson, Data Specialist at Schibsted Marketing Services. The fact that a good match between ad and content is important to achieve a positive advertising effect is an insight with which Schibsted works actively in its product development.

“We’re delighted to have developed the technology behind Keyword Matching ourselves, and we are now the first media house to take ownership of our contextual advertising offering. In this way, we can work even more accurately to place the advertiser’s message correctly in a relevant and secure premium context,” says Joakim Flodin. “Keyword Matching is suitable for campaigns aimed at building a brand, reinforcing position and increasing sales. The product can be used as a stand-alone product, as well as a reinforcement in the media mix.

I would say that all types of advertisers can achieve a good effect from Keyword Matching. For a smaller advertiser, the product is an excellent alternative to reach a niche target group, while a larger advertiser can achieve good effects from using Keyword Matching to reinforce a broader campaign,” says Joakim Flodin.