Schibsted launches Future Report 2021

“I’m proud every year that this report is issued, but maybe a little extra proud this year. We’re all under enormous pressure in many ways, but I feel great hope for the future when I see all the exciting opportunities and competences that the people at Schibsted represent,” says Kristin Skogen Lund, CEO of Schibsted. Schibsted Future Report is the company’s annual view of key trends in Tech, People and Business. It is written by Schibsted employees who share ideas and insights on topics they believe will impact our world in the coming years.

“We believe it’s more important than ever to be open and have discussions right now. In times of crisis, it’s easy to see the importance of credible and fact-based news. It’s also easy to see the need for boldness and change. We want to continue to make bold moves and be a force to enable change in people’s lives. This is also why we believe in looking around the corner and sharing new perspectives,” says Kristin Skogen Lund.

This year, part of the report is reserved for Covid-19 and its impact on society. This is a look back at how major crises have historically changed the world in different ways, and also how Covid-19 has driven digitalisation and the new challenges leaders are facing as a result.

Schibsted always looks one step ahead, to give our readers the opportunity to gain new perspectives on Tech, Business and Strategy, and be introduced to some of the inspiring people behind our companies. “We also look beyond the pandemic to explore the next AI challenges, what makes startups succeed, how technology can be a game changer in agriculture – and much more,” says Ann Axelsson, Editor-in-Chief of Future Report.

Here are examples of some of the articles you can read in Future Report 2021:

  • How crises disrupt and develop society
  • Schibsted’s top-ten tech trendlist
  • Welcome to the synthetic decade
  • Leaders under pressure
  • How subscriptions drive new businesses
  • Photographers on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic grab the readers’ hearts

In 2021, Schibsted will also launch a series of Future Report webinars – keep an eye on our digital channels for more information!
See Kristin Skogen Lund presenting Schibsted Future Report 2021.

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