Omni is Sweden’s best news service

The coronavirus pandemic has increased the frequency of visits to Swedish news sites. Staying updated with accurate information about the pandemic is a high priority when people suddenly face a crisis. The winner of this race is the Omni news service – named as Sweden’s best news site by the online newspaper IDG.

When Topp100, IDG’s competition that lists Sweden’s best websites and online services, was recently decided, the race was between Omni, Svenska Dagbladet, Dagens Nyheter, Newsworthy and Expressen in the Sweden’s best news site category. The winner was Omni, and both the product itself and the news work are praised by the jury in their motivation:

“When the coronavirus crisis took off in earnest at the beginning of the year, Omni became our safe haven in the flow of news. Omni delivers fast and accurate news, all packaged in an app (and site) that is stylish, and easy to understand and navigate,” writes Topp100/IDG.

This is the third time Omni has won the award as Sweden’s best news site. “This is just as much a prize for our readers as it is for ourselves. From the outset, Omni has been developed together with our readers, and we have to thank them first and foremost for what Omni is today,” says editor-in-chief Markus Gustafsson. Read the full justification here