Implementation of the IAB standard TCF

Schibsted has decided to join the international IAB standard, The Transparency & Consent Framework, used for communicating user consent among the different players operating in the advertising industry. At this moment and for the months ahead, Schibsted is focusing on developing and implementing the required infrastructure, and some brands have already gone live with TCF.

The legal landscape is rapidly changing, and we are confident that through the implementation of TCF and alignment with the rest of the market, we are creating the best conditions for Schibsted, our users, advertisers, and partners going forward.

The implementation does not alter Schibsted’s commitment to our visitors, and we will apply the same policies as before to ensure the privacy of our visitors.

This means the following:

  • Schibsted will initially apply the TCF on programmatic demand.
  • Schibsted will have a longer transition for IO which entails us enforcing the current agreements manually.
  • If your choice of vendor supports the TCF, our daily operations will continue unaffected for now. However, make sure that your vendor of choice has a framework for TCF – if buying through programmatic demand.
  • Going forward, Schibsted will not be able to support suppliers or partners operating outside TCF. In practice, this means that suppliers not adhering to TCF will not have the opportunity to purchase Schibsted’s inventory programmatically in the future. If you choose to join TCF as a supplier or partner, we will reconsider the situation.

We are aware that the change may affect your way of purchasing advertising with us. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

Gustaf Möllefors
Head of Programmatic på Schibsted Marketing Services