AB Livsstil

We are proud to present Aftonbladet Livsstil – a new lifestyle universe, where we have gathered our most inspiring topics. Here you find trends, guides and inspiration in fashion, beauty, home & gardening, travel and wellbeing. We are very proud to finally have this strong advertising offer for Swedish women. We know that our readers and advertisers have been looking forward to the release of this platform – and it´s a big success so far! We have great content and an enormous reach, like nobody else on the market.

Bild för AB Livsstil

“In tough times like these, we want to give our readers a chance to relax and recover. That´s why Aftonbladet Livsstil is the perfect complement to the news platform aftonbladet.se. We give our users the inspiration they need in their daily lives. What´s the latest fashion trend? How do I take care of my garden? Which mascara is the best right now? Those are questions we give the answers to. And much more of course. Welcome!”


Anna Sundesten, chief Aftonbladet Livsstil

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